Casting Call For New Film “Blood Will Tell”

Blood Will Tell is a full length independent low-budget horror movie by Bad Lemon Productions.


Vander believes he has escaped his dark and secret past, but strange events make him suspect there is a connection between his past life and the town he now lives in.  As his fear and paranoia threaten to overwhelm him, he becomes convinced that his friends and new wife may have more knowledge of his past than they admit.  Ultimately, he realizes his past will destroy everything he now loves unless he confronts the true nature of his blood.


ALL ROLES ARE PAID ON LO/NO/DEFERRED BASIS.  Transportation and Lodging will be considered for anyone chosen for a role that does not live local to the Baltimore area.

Unless otherwise stated all ethnicities will be considered for any role.

Vander (Principal Character):  25-30.  A former con man trying to escape a dark past.  He wants to believe he can change who he was, but is increasingly obsessed with the thought that the mask he is wearing is just hiding a truth that can never be changed.  Nudity required.

Chastity (Principal Character):  20-25. A beautiful girl from a wealthy family.  She sees the good in people and loves and accepts Vander despite his unwillingness to discuss his past.  She has her own secrets, however, and beneath the happy exterior there is a cold and seething anger.  Nudity Required.

The McCord Sisters (Supporting Roles): 20-40.  Enigmatic and seductive, these sisters (Aylwen, Briana, and Quinn) have mysterious prophetic abilities although who they help and for what reasons are known only to themselves.  Nudity Required.

Vander’s Father (Supporting Role): 45-55.  A career low level criminal.  His poor decisions often get him into trouble.  He is manipulative and petty and enjoys the abusive power he has over his son, Vander.

Patrick (Supporting Role): 25-35.  Vander’s best friend.  Quick witted and funny.  Although he rarely shows it, he is still devastated by his brother’s death by drug overdose the prior year.

Mindy (Supporting Role): 25-35. Chastity’s best friend.  She is still lost after having been raped a year earlier but is trying to put her life back together again with Chastity’s help. Nudity Required.

Herman (Supporting Role): 50-60.  Chastity’s father.  He is wealthy and eccentric.  He is not afraid to tell people exactly what he thinks and he is used to always getting his way.  He loves his daughter more than anything else.

Tina (Supporting Role): 25-35.  Confident and self-assured.  She was a party girl who was married to Patrick’s brother when he died from a drug overdose.

Vincent (Supporting Role): 35-50. Soft spoken yet intimidating crime boss.  His reputation is more important to him than anything else.

Robbie (Supporting Role): 30-50. Loud and snide henchman for Vincent.

Kirk (Supporting Role): 30-40. Tina’s current boyfriend.  Quiet but confident.  He is supportive of Tina’s need for closure regarding the death of her husband a year earlier.

Lauren (Supporting Role): 40-50. Vincent’s wife.  She feels trapped in her marriage but knows it is too dangerous to end.  She needs to feel like something other than a possession.

Please submit a headshot, resume and link to video monologue to

The video monologue should be 1-2 minutes long of your choice.

Please include what role you would like to audition for and your contact information.  Bad Lemon Productions will hold live auditions after reviewing all submissions.  Principal filming will take place in the Baltimore area in the Fall of 2017 through Summer of 2018.  Any questions can be sent to

Blood Will Tell is the second feature film from Bad Lemon Productions.  Bad Lemon’s first film, The Serpent’s Tongue, won the award for Best Screenplay at the Horrorfind Film Festival and is currently in distribution on DVD and Digital.


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